facts about me

( Just some random facts about me) that y’all probably wont read 

music: i dont just stick to one type of music ilove many types

i Like both the dudes and the Chicks.

a March baby *fist pumps*

i’m about 5’2 

i enjoy Drawing

Love to win .. (but who dosent right)

I really hate the “Hi,How are you?”  ”Fine, Thank you”  thing -.-

Every sport i’ve tried that i’ve been intrested in ive been good at

i over analyze alotta stuff. which later gets me in trouble 

I’m usually the one laughing their ass off when no one else is.

i Love fighting type of sports

Art,Architecture, technology. fasinate & inspire me.

My emotions hit harder at nightime

Never broken a bone, thank god

ive lost my hearing for about 3days due to fire-ing a gun

i usually watch a movie/show twice to get the lil things i mighta missed

Dont Leave home w/out my lip balm

i Never throw away my movie tickets i always keep them

Feel like i stayed about the same height since forever

I’ve isolated myself from people for so long am prrly gon be forever socially-awkward

i’m very competative when it comes to games

My day feels incomplete when i dont get a chance to talk to my Bestfriend. <3

Reading is Awesome

My first attempt at making brownies ended up being hard squared rocks

When things upset me i show anger

im a Very knowledge hungry person what to know everything of everything

Usually open up to anyone that seems interested

i really hate that i cant stay Angry for long

Think Dogs are cooler than cats

i love to write things down

Lovveee to chew loads of BubbleGum till my jaw hurts. weird

Like to eat with my feet criss-crossed

Get really jealous when the people i’m really close too get close to other people

Learned to tie my shoe by myself #boss

When i was little spent almost all day outside and ate hella quesadillas and fla-vor-ice.

Have  a Bad Habit of Shaking my leg while sitting down

Theres days were i feel sexy Af and days were i feel ugly 

if you were to split my lifes good and Bads, there proabably would be way more bad than good

when i was little i rode my bike everyday 

Am more into Old School Cars 

When i get the phrase “I Love You” thrown at me i find it weird, jss not used to it 

i Love to Play Scenerious in my head, both Good & Bad

i enjoy making people smile 

98% of the time i would laugh when trying to fake sleep

i Dont go Around throwing ” i lovee yous” if it isnt true, so if i say i love you, I REALLY LOVE YOU

in my opinion Best seat in the movies would be Top row Middle Seat 

i let things bother me until i absolutely cannot take it anymore, and when i do i Expllode

LOVE the smell of Magazine and Books 

Think the Galaxy is a Beautiful thing 

Spearmint and some peppermint Gum give me headaches. Except Doublemint Gum Which ilove 

Dont use fluoride toothpaste

ive Never Seen Star Wars before EVER lol

Believe the illuminati is real (theres jss so many obvious things)

ive seen a ghost before >.<

When im hungry and dnt eat i go Hulk

i Like to Dominate . But prefer to be Dominated (sexually)

i Love Jessie j shes just so fucking amazing. Voice,personalty, looks.

Dont like Doing Crazy/stupid things Alone.. gotta have someone there to remember the moment

Dont trust people easily… takes alot for me to trust someone and even then i wouldn’t trust the person 100%.

Love anything super hero,Comic Related things

love the look of melted icecream for some reason

Like to reminisce 

ill do w/e it takes to keep someone i care about happy , even if it drags me down.

my biggest main fears would be loosing the ones i love the most and forgetting who i am and those around me

big fan of Bubble Tea Drinks